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Interim Controller

Interim Controller

Do you temporarily need an experienced controller, for example during parental leave or a transition? Do you want to free up your organization’s time for projects and fill the need with a temporary controller?



Use a controller flexibly

The shortage of skills in a finance department can strike unexpectedly. A delayed recruitment process, annual financial statement reporting or parental leave can drive a situation that can no longer be resolved by your own team. Our experienced consultants are ready to help your organization even at short notice.


In addition to the need for a temporary controller, we can also help, for example in developing reporting and analytics, building KPIs, and improving budgeting and forecasting. We also often support financial system reforms and implementations.


As an independent partner, NIS Oy Ab, can operate without conflicts of interest with all of its customers.

For companies of all sizes

Challenges are encountered regardless of the size of the organization. In smaller growth companies, it may be necessary to assess the operations and roles of the entire finance function, through which the need for resources may also be specified in the middle of the assignment. In publicly listed companies, support is often needed for group accounting and management reporting.


Our consultants are accustomed to working in entities of all sizes, FAS and IFRS standards, and to collaborating in various ownership structures, such as companies owned by private equity investors.

Interim Controller -palvelut, NIS Oy

Internal and external accounting

Our consultants providing Interim Controller services have experience in both internal and external accounting.


We can support the organization in many ways, for example in monthly and quarterly reporting, financial statements, and regulatory reporting. In addition, our experts can assist in the preparation of forecasts and budgets, as well as the development of internal reporting.


We are also working inidentifying work steps and processes that can be streamlined in the finance operations of the company.

Achieve your goals effectively

We are able to help organizations both in setting goals, tracking them, and achieving them.


Our work is systematic, self-initiated and independent.



Taloushallinnon interim konsultit, NIS Oy

A reliable partner

A reliable partner for the company's management and stakeholders, even in challenging situations.



Our consultants have years of experience in both internal and external accounting.

An Independent consulting firm

NIS Oy Ab is an independent consulting organization.




Contact Erik

Erik is leading NIS Oy Ab's Interim Services. He has more than a decade of experience in finding suitable experts just right for your assignment.
Feel free to contact us.

Erik Liljeström

+358 40 090 9759

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