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Sustainability services

Do you need assistance with collecting sustainability data, developing the reporting, or shaping the ESG strategy? Would you like to ease your organization’s workload and establish a solid foundation for the new sustainability reporting requirements with the help of an Interim ESG Controller?

For companies of all sizes with the precision of financial professionals

The new sustainability reporting requirements are impacting all companies, either directly or indirectly. While listed companies may have already implemented new policies, challenges may occur in areas like comprehensive value chain management, auditing the increasing amount of ESG data, and enhancing stakeholder value. Many companies are still in the process of aligning with CSRD requirements, from conducting the double materiality assessment to finalizing the sustainability report. Additionally, smaller companies must start developing internal sustainability processes and policies to meet their obligations within a larger company value chain. 

Regardless of the company size, the integration of sustainability efforts with financial reporting will grow more robust in the coming years. Our consultants are seasoned financial professionals, well versed in developing and enhancing processes, internal and external reporting, and stakeholder engagement. In addition, as part of financial projects, our team is accustomed to processing large amounts of quantitative information as well as implementing new processes and systems.

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Use an Interim ESG Controller flexibly

An Interim ESG Controller plays an important role in guiding companies through the development of sustainability initiatives and reporting. Our consultants support both the understanding of company-specific reporting requirements and the practical implementation work. Temporary resources are beneficial, especially during change phases, when new processes and systems are implemented to comply with evolving requirements.

We help with a wide range of sustainability efforts, including double materiality assessments, developing EU Taxonomy and CSRD reporting, gathering and processing ESG information, and general strategic sustainability work. 

Pragmatic and company-specific approach

There are as many ways to develop sustainability programs as there are companies. Therefore, a tailored approach is essential for success. Our consultants work as an integral part of the company’s team, ensuring a company-specific approach to the development of sustainability processes and reporting. 

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CSRD from CFO's perspective - three Rs for successful implementation

Check out our blog series exploring the implementation of the new Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) in the company's operations:

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Part 3: Reporting (& repeating)


Contact Aura

Aura has extensive experience in corporate responsibility. She has led ESG risk group work, implemented a SaaS system for gathering ESG data, and developed external and internal sustainability reporting. Feel free to contact us!

Aura Koikkalainen

ESG & Financial Consultant
+358 40 573 0723

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