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Finance Recruitment & Executive Search

Does your organisation need new, fresh and skilled financial experts, but you don't have the time or the specific skills to go through a demanding and time-consuming application process? Or are you wondering how to improve your finance team and management in an everchanging environment. Or are you unsure of which skill set will best support your future objectives?


Our insight into the market of Finance Professionals  makes our Finance Recruitment & Executive Search services focused on the best talent in the industry and will help you on your journey to success.

Hire top finance professionals easily

There are many financial experts on the market, but finding the right one for your organization can be a challenge. That's why our Finance Recruitment and Executive Search service exists.

Our network of experts is extensive and you can quickly hire a top talent for your finance function with us, such as a CFO, Group Controller, Financial Controller, Finance Manager, IFRS Specialist, Business Controller or Chief Accountant. Our service includes agile recruitment, executive search or a combination of both. We will tailor the best way to suit your needs.
You can also work with us to build a financial management development path for your organization at different stages of growth.

You can start this path with our experienced Interim experts, who will take over the finance role on an interim basis, and later on, manage the onboarding of your new recruits.

Help in any situation

Your organization may be undergoing a period of growth or change, a change in personnel or, e.g. in the middle of a M&A process. We ensure the continuity of your finance functions in every situation.

We know the finance sector and its experts

Our recruitment consultants have a strong understanding of the market of finance professionals and the tools to assess the suitability of potential candidates for different finance roles.

We have an extensive network in the sector and know the best accounting and finance professionals, change agents, IFRS experts or budgeting and forecasting specialists. We hire together with you committed talent and, at the same time, the potential to create your future.

We ensure the right professionals for your business


Our finance recruiters have clear finance & accounting skills verification tools at their disposal. In the selection process, we also emphasize other professional skills that will enable you to develop your organization and strengthen your internal culture, among other things.


We also provide you with a clear vision for the long-term development of your company's financial management skills.

We supercharge you to your success!

Business People at a Lobby

A strong expert in finance

Our recruiters have strong expertise and networks.

Verification of skills

We ensure the right people for your business.

A reliable partner

A reliable partner for your management and stakeholders in fast and challenging situations.



Contact Erik

Erik is leading NIS Group's Interim Services. He has more than a decade of experience in finding suitable experts just right for your assignment.
Feel free to contact us.

Erik Liljeström

+358 40 090 9759

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