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Smooth match - Jungle Juice Bar & NIS Interim CFO Nina Norberg

Back in early spring 2021, Jungle Juice Bar was looking for an interim CFO to fulfill their urgent resourcing need for a transition period. At the same time, the company was eager to develop their financial processes for which the necessary resources couldn’t be found in-house. Jungle Juice Bar contacted Marko Järvelin and together they came up with a pragmatic solution to solve the resourcing need by choosing NIS Northern Interim Services to support them.

NIS assigned Nina Norberg as the interim CFO for Jungle Juice Bar. Nina was able to jump into the role with ease, and ensure continuity in operations and reporting. Starting in the middle of the preparations of the financial statements wasn’t a problem either.

With Nina’s help, Jungle Juice Bar’s finance operations continued steadily through the transition period, and financial processes and forecasting models were taken to the next level. Improvements consisted of cash flow forecasting and performance tracking, as well as a board reporting package. To ensure smooth handover for the new CFO, NIS supported the recruitment process and helped with the onboarding.

Cooperation with NIS led to a satisfactory outcome for the customer. When asked about the project performance and potential development ideas, the CEO of Jungle Juice Bar, Elli Holappa, stated the following: “I’m actually 130% pleased, so you won’t get any development ideas from me”. In addition to the professional competence, the cultural compatibility between NIS and Jungle Juice Bar was a major factor in success. Values, culture and personal chemistry meshed seamlessly between Nina and Jungle Juice Bar, which was important to Elli.

The project between Jungle Juice Bar and NIS demonstrates how interim consultancy can provide effective and targeted expertise to meet an urgent resourcing need.

NIS’s Marko Järvelin and Jungle Juice Bar’s Elli Holappa said “Cheers” after a successful project.


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